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I used Timeshare Relief a few years ago for my property in Myrtle Beach. I had no issues with the transfer, other than the cost. I never tried to use their resort services.

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I gave them $3,000 to transfer my timeshare out of my name and in returned they promise I would be able to book time through their Vacation Smart program with my resort with no problems. Vacation Smart has substandard timeshares and my resort is not available. Because I gave them extra time to fulfill their agreement I went past the 3 days to cancel. When I request a refund I was threaten with a law suit and was told I would never see my... Read more

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I contracted with Timeshare Relief one and half years ago and they still have not been able to properly transfer my four properties. The transfer companies they use are not capapble on doing the job properly. In fact, they are so bad that in one case they actually transferred one of my properties back to myself!!!! There is absolutely nobody in customer service that can do anything other that type your complaint into a computer and tell you that... Read more

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TimeshareRelief.com (and it's spinoffs and franchises) charge you $5,000 to give them your timeshare. They will tell you to write it off as a bad investment (illegal). The IRS will tell you it's just a fool's financial decision loss and pay your full taxes. CommunityHealthTraining.org is a charity that does the same thing for $500 and you get a legal IRS $5,000 income deduction for it. The IRS will give you a refund for $5,000 x your income tax... Read more

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I was sucked into buying a timeshare with hotel melia "club melia" tropical. My 1st visit took place in July with family. 1st thing we realized was poor service, room we were given had broken A/C regulator, busted sofa bed. Unable to fix, they moved us to another non-club meila room. It had nothing of what I had contracted in timeshare. 2 days in that room and fighting with staff to move us. Finally day 3 they said they would move us, but not... Read more

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